Specialist Audits

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    Travel Agents
    • Professional regimes have been put in place for professional bodies, which focus on the demonstration of competence, reducing the overall risk of false reporting and associated penalties.
    • The CAA developed the ATOL Reporting Accountant’s Scheme to improve on the standard of ATOL reporting.
    • As fully accredited ATOL Reporting Accountants we provide advice and assurance that financial information submitted on behalf of ATOL holders is accurate.
    • To fulfil statutory requirements, ATOL registered travel companies are subject to rigorous auditing and accounts reporting.
    • We can complete all of your ATOL Reporting and Accounts including signing off annual turnover and carrying out audits if required.
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    • We prepare Accountant’s reports to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for a number of solicitors.
    • This type of work is specialist, but we have the expertise to advise clients on how to comply with the latest SRA rules.
    • Our management letter will provide you with all the necessary advice to ensure that everything is in order as and when the SRA come to inspect you.
    • At the same time we can prepare your financial accounts of your entity and assess whether you are trading in the most efficient way for example an LLP or private limited company.
    • Since the change of the rules in 2007 anyone can be a member of the firm not just solicitors.
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    Estate Agents
    • Most letting and Estate Agents are not regulated, yet they can hold clients’ money without being regulated.
    • Some go out of business taking with them the clients’ money. However, if you are a member of the Association of Residential and Lettings Agents (ARLA) or UK ARLA you will add integrity and credibility to your business by being regulated.
    • We can assist you to register, provide you with software which will enable you to keep records that comply with the regulations.
    • If you are serious about integrity in your business and delivering growth, then please contact us.